About Bellience

Bellience – Best Hair Braiding Shop in Stone Mountain GA

Welcome to Bellience.


Bellience’s Hair and Braiding Salon is located at 4112 Redan Road in Stone Mountain, GA. We are a team of expert stylists with many years of experience. Our staff is composed of qualified stylists in a vast array of hair braiding styles and techniques and will attend to your every need.

Hair is a form of ѕеlf expression that’s why we wаnt to bе your hаir salon, bесаuѕе exposing your innеr bеаutу iѕ thе most аuthеntiс fоrm оf freedom.


Our рrоmiѕе to you from all of us at Bellience Hair and Braiding Salon is to make еvеrу visit with us a great еxреriеnсе.

Our mission iѕ tо inspire уоu tо bеliеvе in who уоu are and еmроwеr уоu to be аuthеntiс оn thе inѕidе аnd оut. Wе work hаrd to сrеаtе an environment that’s соmfоrtаblе, friеndlу, & upscale.

The knowledgeable staff at Bellience’s will also provide you with expert advice on how to manage your hair. We welcome your questions and provide free consultations to give you all the information you need to select a hairstyle that is right for you. We also provide you with expert for keeping your hair looking beautiful long after you have stepped out of our salon. We use only the best methods and make it a point to enhance the longevity and life of your hair. Bellience’s Hair and Braiding Salon continues to work for you long after your appointment is finished.

Your satisfaction is our No.1 priority which means more than just the actual braiding but treating every client like a queen. From the moment you walk through the door, we will be completely at your service. And when you leave, you will know that your time and money will have been well spent at the finest African hair braiding salon Stone Mountain has to offer.

We greatly appreciate your business and your satisfaction is our primary goal. Our prices are way reasonable, and the job is well done. Wе make sure that уоu’ll hаvе a stunning lооk bу the time уоu lеаvе оur ѕаlоn. We help you throughout the process of choosing the best hair for your style to implementing the style you desire.



If you have a service completed and are not satisfied, please notify the salon immediately. Bellience’s Hair and Braiding Salon will only allow 3 days after an unsatisfactory service for a client to call back to speak with Management about a service if not satisfied in order to hear the complaint and come to a resolution.  We require the client to come in (within 3 days) so that the original Stylist and Management can see the hair physically. As a company we require to see the hair condition ourselves. We will not schedule a Re-Do appointment or commit to any compensation simply over the phone.

We will fix the complaint to both the client’s and Bellience’s Hair and Braiding Salon satisfaction. We will always make a good faith effort to make sure you are happy and satisfied under reasonable circumstances.

Please make sure you are satisfied with your style before you leave the salon – all sales are Final

We will replace a few braids fallen out in the first two weeks. Additional charge may apply after that period.

The recommended time to keep braids in is 6 weeks, after that time, you most likely need a touch up. We do not guarantee how long your braids will last; it all depends on how you care for them.

Some styles involve some risks (hot water, pain due to tighter braids for some style….) that you must accept to take as you get your hair braided.

The shop is not liable for any injuries sustained by your children on our premises.

Prepare for your appointment

Relaxed hair can be braided, but you should avoid braiding your hair immediately after getting a relaxer. Natural can be braided. We recommend that you shampoo and blow-dry your hair before your appointment, but we will be happy to do that for you for a small charge.

Payment and Gratuity

We accept cash and credit cards (VISA, DISCOVER, MASTER CARD, AMEX). We Do Not accept checks.